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Muzix Group



About us 
We love music, it’s an important part of our lives. We are also committed to the continuously developing and widening digital lifestyle. Therefore we are passionately looking for solutions that can provide listening to music and accessories related to it in such quality that we can proudly offer to those smartphone and smart devie users who share our mindset.

The spread and expansion of smartphones have fundamentally changed our habits of listening to music and beyond that, it has transformed almost every aspect of our lives. If you have a smartphone, you have everything. Therefore we are at home not only in music. We are familiar with several such areas related to digitalization, which have a positive impact on or help us reach our mental well-being, such as health.conscious lifestyle and its digital tools. Our goal is to offer all the benefits of smartphones and smart devices, according to areas of interest, to everyone who not only follows our ever-changing world, but also keeps up with it.

Our mission.
With full responsibility to the brands we are committed to, we strive to enhance their reputation by thoughtful strategy, making their values well-known and further increasing the number of users satisfied with them. All of our brands and products perform excellent in their category and it can universally be said that they are not only fun to use, but in all cases their price-value ratio is also outstanding.


Should you willing to learn more about our brands and products, please visit the dedicated brand sites

Awei - awei.hu
Brainwavz - brainwavz.hu
Comply - muzixgroup.hu/comply
GGMM - ggmm.hu
imation LINK - muzixgroup.hu/linkpowerdrive
Lars&Ivan - lars-ivan.hu
Lotoo- muzix.hu/markaink/lotoo
MiLi - muzix.hu/markaink/mili
Photofast - muzixgroup.hu/photofast
RHA-AUDIO - rha-audio.com/hu
Runtastic - runtastic.hu
Smanos - muzixgroup.hu/smanos
SoundMAGIC - soundmagic.muzix.hu
UbTech - robotoy.hu
TDK Life on Record - tdklor.hu
XtremeMac - xtrememac.hu

Easiest way to buy our products through our webshop: muzix.hu


Contacts / Availabilities
H-1139 Budapest, Fáy utca 20.
Monday to Friday 8AM-5PM
+361 907 0 709

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MuzixGroup. Proud Representative of world Class Brands.

Awei is a professional headphone brand owned by Shenzhen Yale Electronics Co., Ltd, is also the original metal earphone developer in China.Integrating R&D, design, production and sales, Awei commits to offer high quality, high performance and fashion smart earphones, bluetooth earphones,mini speakers, power banks and other consumer electronics and service to customers around the world.

Brainwavz provides high-end earphones specifically designed for high-quality sound and tailor-made to provide the user with a solution that can be used across a wide range of audio genres and styles at affordable prices. Brainwavz believes in the idea that sound is a deeply personal experience, and strives to provide users with earphones that match their personal inclinations, to inspire with intensity. The Brainwavz name is known in many countries across the globe, and the company is continually committed to providing the best products at the best value.

COMPLY Comply™ Foam Tips patented memory foam tips offer ultra soft comfort with a stay in-ear fit which provides enhanced sound quality and superior noise reduction. Rooted in our unique viscoelastic memory foam technology, our tips conform to the shape of the ear canal at body temperature for a dynamic custom fit. Your ear canal shape and size change with movement and temperature. And now your earplugs change with you.

DENSION. Music in the car. We offer devices that put the sound quality to the first place and use the car's own audio system for the output of sound. Universal Plug & Play product line without the need of installation and integrated in-car multimedia and bluetooth adapters for those who only prefers the best.

GGMM. Founded in 2001, GGMM began as a design house. GGMM is devoted to providing the end user with the best experience possible, specializing in visually elegant yet highly functional digital technology solutions. With an uncompromising dedication to becoming a leader in digital electronics, GGMM creates products with a high level of practicality and excellence. GGMM's goal is to be a premier digital electronics company, constantly striving for the highest standard in terms of quality and exceptional product design. Get Going Making Miracle.

imation LINK Mobile Storage Products. Data storage solutions for smartphones and tablets. GET MORE MEMORY. Make room for more pictures, videos, apps and files without deleting content from your smartphone or tablet. SAVE AND SHARE. Backup the photos, videos and files you store on your smartphone or tablet and easily share them with friends and family.

Lars & Ivan. German. Engineering. The precision and the pursuit for being the best have grounded the worldwide reputation of the German industrial design and manufacturing technology leadership. Lars & Ivan products superior design language means  the clear beauty and the ergonomic functionality of German industrial design in the everyday, while its tonality built upon the dynamics, precision and fidelity High-End principles creates all that enjoy previously only been possible in our homes. Lars & Ivan mobile and desktop audio. Products from very good to the bests. We redefine the music listening experience.

Lotoo Lotoo is a brand of Infomedia high-tech company in China, which has been developing, manufacturing and marketing equipment, automation systems and production systems for broadcast radio and television, for over 10 years. Infomedia is the biggest supplier for audio workstations and broadcast automation systems in China and in Asia, developed the first palm solid-state digital recorder in the world and released many innovative new products at very competitive prices. Lotoo Digital - Studio technology for the weekdays. Portable Hi-Res, reference audiophile audio players.

MiLi. Small is beautiful. Small is powerful. In fact, a small few can change the world. It is these words that drive the MiLi brand and corporate culture. First and foremost, MiLi products are small and compact with strong design - a perfect embodiment of “Small is Beautiful”. MiLi's vision is to be the premier innovator of mobile, connected products that help empower people with the right tools to make their daily lives the best they can be, today and into the future.

PhotoFast. Known for creating visionary products and cutting-edge technology, PhotoFast has been recognized globally since its establishment in 2003. PhotoFast's storage solutions and mobile accessories have been praised by key industry influencers for their innovation, design and convenience. PhotoFast products undergo extreme research and development prior to manufacturing, ensuring only the absolute highest quality tech accessories reach consumers worldwide. Pioneers of the consumer electronics market, PhotoFast continues to produce exceptional quality gadgets and break new ground in the technology industry.

RHA. Sound.Engineered. RHA is an English earphone developer and manufacturer company. Specialist in it’s own branch. RHA’s most important mission is to offer durable quality and realistic sound reproduction. It works along these values to provide the most precise sounding with ultimate comfort and extraordinary design to solid listening experience. Each RHA product combines fundamental commitment to high quality material, precision engineering and superior sound.

Runtastic. Runtastic apps, products & services track and manage health and fitness data to motivate You to get in shape, stay healthy and improve overall fitness. With more than 110 million downloads and over 50 million registered users on Runtastic.com, Runtastic’s mobile applications sync directly with proprietary hardware to track distance, speed, pace, time, heart rate, calorie consumption and route traveled (via maps) when running, biking or engaging in other exercise activities. Runtastic is your perfect partner, no matter what your favorite sport or athletic endeavor. Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete, Runtastic helps you get fit, stay fit & feel terrific!

Smanos. The complete smanos smart home system lineup speaks minimalistic elegance, self-install and self-monitor. From wireless, app-enabled alarm and automation systems to remote security, energy and health management, smanos solutions cater to today's homeowners' versatile and mobile lifestyles and ensure they have complete control, comfort and visual confirmation right at their fingertips within a few short minutes and easy steps.

SoundMAGIC. Music and soul. The relationship you desire. The way to harmony, which is realized through the sounds of music. With the help of unique and innovative design, and high cost performance, our products are widely accepted, and receive a good reputation. Original creative products, beautiful design and process, perfect quality control and professional sound design.

TDK Life on Record. The combination of clean design and modern technology makes the brand to become a respected everyday hero. Do you remember the TDK audio tapes? Well, the tradition of this commitment to quality continues with the brand's digital product line. The affordable and great-sounding products always provide pleasant entertainment and reliable quality.

UbTech UBTECH ROBOTICS CORP is a high-tech enterprise engaging in the R&D, manufacture, as well as promoting and popularizing robots around the world. With our own innovative technology and outstanding creativity, we are working to create the intelligent robot that can interact with people, help and serve people. UBTECH starts a new era of intelligent robot time. We believe that we will bring robots to every home, and truly integrate intelligent robots into daily life of common people, creating a more intelligent and human-friendly way of leisure life.

XtremeMac. An icon in the eyes of Apple users. Whatever Apple device you might have, XtremeMac offers you accessories that have been developed in accordance with the strict requirements and quality standards of Apple. Protect. Power. Play. By Apple enthusiasts for Apple enthusiasts.


AV Trend & Hifi Show in Budapest

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